St. Monica Early Learning Center
Beginning Writing Rubrics




Level A

Level B

Level C

Beginning to Represent

uses pictures (without print) to carry a message

knows directional pattern (left to right, top to bottom, return sweep)

uses squiggles, sticks, wavy lines, scribble, mock letters in random patterns

Beginning to Create Print


uses an individual letter only

uses random strings of letters

copies print; and/or writes own name and other familiar words (MOM, DAD, LOVE, CAT, DOG)

Beginning to Connect to Sounds


creates words, regardless of spelling

uses some initial consonants correctly

represents words by using the strong, audible consonant sounds

Beginning to Write

uses a pattern to create text (I like ญญญญ____, I like ____, I like _____)

creates a sentence

creates a story of more than one sentence