Writing Process

  • experiencing, exploring

  • thinking

  • discussing

  • drawing a picture

  • brainstorming together

  • writing

  • drawing

  • verbally composing

  • with the teacher

  • with one other student

  • in a small group

  • with the class

  • with someone at home

  • closing your eyes... seeing, feeling, living it again

  • asking yourself if you want to add or change anything

  • asking "How can I make my story better?"

Beginning Editing
  • Is my name on the paper?

  • Did I put a title on if I want one?

  • Did I leave spaces between words?

  • Did I leave any words out?

Additional Editing for Experienced Writers
  • Did I use capitals to begin sentences?

  • Did I use capitals on names?

  • Did I use periods to end sentences?

  • Did I use question marks to show which sentences are questions?

  • Did I use other punctuation marks I need to ask about?

  • Did I use my best spelling to help my reader?

Bringing it to Closure
  • Post the work

  • Take it home

  • Put it in a working folder

  • Put it in a portfolio

  • Mark down that it was completed

  • Reflect on the work