Group Books


Group books are away to have students work collaboratively on early writing skills.  Group books are student's favorite books to read, so simple sentence frames with familiar sight words allow most students to read the books independently once they are finished.

Early in the year we decided to make a book based on the frame "We like . . ", we had read a few books that had an "I like . . ." frame and we thought that we could come up with our own book.

Each group came up with four to five statements that they all could agree on (the book was  factual, not fiction, so the statements had to be true).  Then they decided who would write and illustrate each sentence.  They checked each other's work before the book was handed in to me; everyone had to "okay" the final product.  The pages were mounted, laminated and coiled.  They quickly became favorites during reading time.


                                                    Title Page                                 We like pizza.                               We like chocolate.                      


                                 We like Jesus.                                          We like candy.