Stages of Learning to Spell


            As the children begin writing, you may notice that not all spelling mistakes will be corrected.  “Inventive Spelling” is encouraged so as not to stifle creativity and imagination.  The children are encouraged to take risks in their writing.  As with reading, children go through various stages of spelling.  These are:


1.  BABBLING STAGE:                     There is little resemblance to real words.


2.  PRE-PHONETIC STAGE:             Children begin to link letters to sounds.


3.  PHONETIC STAGE:                    Children write the sounds heard.  It is essential that students are         encouraged at this stage.


4.  TRANSITIONAL STAGE:         Children begin to spell more words correctly.


5.  CORRECT STAGE:                       Formal spelling instruction may begin at this stage.


The goal of the Language Arts process is to motivate the students and let them be successful in their initial reading/writing experiences.  Many resources will be used throughout the year to enhance the program in accordance with the needs and interests of the students.