Kindergarten Writing Center

Children Will Skill Development Teacher's Role
make letters from a variety of materials fine motor coordination
letter recognition
provide stimulating letter-making materials (sand trays, white boards, clay)
trace letters fine motor skills
letter recognition
provide tracer letters and writing instruments (model proper pencil position)
copy letters letter making provide writing materials and letter models
copy words letter making
fine motor skills
word and letter recognition
provide writing materials and copy words
make pictures and tell story of picture refine fine motor skills
develop storytelling skills
develop sequencing skills
enrich vocabulary
enhance oral communication
stimulate interest through praise, participation and imitation

listen attentively and ask leading questions

make books and talk about the making of a book demonstrate an understanding of the function of print, master book-handling skills provide story patterns
encourage creative thought
act as a scribe (if necessary)
ask questions analyze one's work
think about the work of another
develop reading comprehension
encourage creative thought
instill curiousity