Writing at the End of the Year
(April - June)

End of the Year (April – June)

As first grade continues, the writing time begins to look more like a Writer's Workshop. We begin to use an Author's chair where children share one piece of writing with the class. The other children offer positive encouragement and suggestions of how to make the story better. Children choose pieces to revise, edit, and publish.

We help children develop their story writing skills, so that they have a good beginning, middle, and end for their stories. We help them learn to organize their ideas for information pieces.

Work continues on:

·       Letter-sound – more vowel work (looking for all the spelling for “a” sound, e.g.); spelling patterns

·       Generating writing: story composition (beginning, middle, end); independent reports, problem, characterization, genres, motifs, modeled and shared writing, revising, forms of writing, technology

·       Word Work – sight words, spelling – visualization, practice; making words;

Story Writing Rubric


Student Name: ____________


In my stories…



Keep Working

My beginning sentence grabs the reader’s interest




I tell the story with my own words




I tell the story in 1, 2, 3 order




I include enough background information that the reader understands

·            When

·            Where

·            Who

·            What

·            Why













For a printable version of this rubric, Click here.