Writing Expectations


Understanding of Print, Letters and Words

  • recognizes all letters and letter sounds

  • uses left to right print analysis

  • possesses a simple sight vocabulary

  • recognizes beginning, middle and ending sounds

Word Usage

  • uses familiar words

  • recognizes proper word order

  • uses sound patterns such as rhyme

  • experiments with new and imaginative words

  • conveys ideas with clarity and expression

Use of Writing

  • develops ideas in print

  • communicates greetings, ideas, thoughts and feelings through drawings

  • uses print for specific purposes

  • uses symbols, drawings, letters and words to convey messages

  • brings experiences and knowledge of the outside world to written word

Organization of Ideas

  • organizes simple ideas into proper sequence

  • plans information to convey a clear message

  • produces short pieces of writing using simple forms (stories, descriptions, lists of information)

  • revises simple pieces of writing with assistance

  • uses various strategies to sound out and spell unfamiliar words

Conventions and Mechanics

  • knows all of the consonant and long and short vowel sounds

  • writes simple, complete sentences

  • forms the plural of one-syllable words

  • understand the use of the period and comma

  • uses capital letters to begin sentences and identify names, places, and the pronoun I

  • recognizes and spells familiar words

Visual Presentation

  • prints legibly

  • makes use of space between words

  • enhances presentation with illustrations, etc.