Miss Borrelli

Our four grade one classes, Mrs. Cackett, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Vaage and me, collaborated to create the grade 1 pages.



 As the year progresses, the children become much more comfortable with and confident in their personal writing ability.  They are able to more independently record their ideas in a logical order and their growing understanding of words, spelling patterns and sentence structure allows the children to focus on other components of writing.

           With this increased confidence and ability to record personal ideas, a growing emphasis can be placed on editing written work for correct letter formation, correct use of capital and lower case letters, correct spelling and clarity of ideas.  In order to assist the children in understanding the editing process, a great deal of time is spent working in a full class setting.  The children work together to edit a class message.  They are also introduced to some beginning editing marks in order develop a common “editing language” within the school and classroom.  The children become able to use and recognize these editing marks in order to improve their personal writing as well as assisting their classmates with their writing.

Click here for a word document:    GRADE ONE EDITING CHECKLIST

Following are some examples of ways that I promote writing in my classroom.