Mary Hanley School

Mrs. Hackman's Kindergarten


Learning to write is such an important aspect of coming to school for children that they are eager to start learning how to write the minute they walk into the kindergarten classroom. 

The first thing the children want to learn how to write is their name.  Work on recognizing their name starts immediately on the first day with the attendance board.  Finding their name and taking it off the board and placing it in a bucket.  This is the first step to writing. Recognizing the words you want to use.  Another activity that helped the children learn to recognize names was our "Hello Song"  and the "Hello Song" books.  Their names were added to the word wall with their picture at the writing center.  This allowed them to be able to write notes to their friends. 

Another technique I use is adapting stories that have already been written. One of the children's favourite book was "No David" by David Shannon.  We wrote our own "No" books using our name.

Spyder Yardley-Jones was at our school for an Artist in Residence program.  The kindergarten children were thrilled with working with Spyder.  They learnt simple cartooning techniques which they were then able to use in their illustrations for their books.

We also went to the Edmonton Art Gallery and participated in their program entitled "Tell Me A Story"  This program is a two hour program.  The first hour is spent looking at specific art work in the gallery and discussing the story the painting tells.  The next hour is spent in the studio creating a piece of art that tells a story.  The children were quick to make up a story with the paintings that were presented in the tour.  Once back at school, we wrote a story to go with the art work we created at the Art Gallery.